Sweet Winter

This is such a sweet little winter stitchery from L’Atelier de Framboise Chocolat.  It is actually from her old site here. The new site is called Raspberry Chocolate Workshop here.


The link to the chart is under the last picture, labeled Sweet_Winter.

Do you know someone who this would make the perfect gift?

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Winter Breadcloth

I have a couple of unfinished bread cloth’s and was attracted to this pretty design for winter meals.  It comes from Killer Crafts & Crafty Killers. It’s in jpg format but easy to use.

snowflake breadcover  snowflake breadcover graft

This is a very nice site to visit if you haven’t been here before.  She does a lot of book reviews.  Good reads.

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Winter 2015

Here is an old chart from December 2010 by Martine in case you missed it.

Winter Scene Martine

It’s such a cute chart, just right for kicking off your holiday stitchery.

The link to the PDF can be accessed by clicking on the kitten image below the above picture.

Have fun,