Hugs & Kisses

I thought this pattern from The Gentle Art was very nice.  Scroll down once you get there and you’ll see it. It’s called ‘Hugs and Kisses Valentine Wishes.


Pick your colors and make a valentine for someone in just an evening.  They’ll love it.

Have a great weekend!



Fall Leaves from The Gentle Art

The Gentle Art gives away this nice fall leaves pattern called Leaves, Leaves.  I’ve stitched it up this way.

fall pillowfall pillow 2

They have several different versions of the leaves formatted in different layouts.  You can use one or multiple  versions to make your own pillow as I did.  Mine is very small only measuring 2 1/2 inches by 4 inches.  Since I had fall fabric around I matched my colors to the fabric.  It was fun to put together.

leaves leaves

The link to the PDF is at the top, just above their image where it says, “Practical information for Leaves, leaves (PDF)”

Have fun making yours!