Cup of Tea?

What I like about this Barbara Ana pattern are the different components of it.  You could make the whole chart as is or use what you want from it.

Barbara Ana Cup of Tea

I especially like the tea bag and the lemon slice.  If you’d like to adapt this chart for something of your own just go here.  Once there you will find the link to the PDF in the upper left-hand section.  Look for Download:  pdfpat ,and select the one that you can use.

Have a relaxing weekend.



Tea Time

I think you might enjoy this sweet chart from Bienvenue chez Echevette.

tea time 

When you go here, you will see the link just below the image that takes you here.  Just below the image it says, ‘Click here to access the grid: Teatime‘.  You can make the whole chart or use just the pieces you need to decorate that special stitchery.

Have fun and thanks for stopping by.