Winter Pansy

How many times have you seen this Winter Pansy from Lesley Teare and thought how you’d like to sew it up?  I’d like to encourage you to go ahead.  It doesn’t take long to stitch, and you’ll be glad you did.  I turned mine into a card to send to a lovely lady who was handing out 4-inch pots of primroses the other day.

winter pansy    primrose

To get the pattern and the key just follow the link above.

Thanks Lesley!



Do You Hear the Sounds of Spring?

EMS2010_April_04 Around here in the Northwest, we are beginning to hear the songs of spring birds, things are starting to push up through the ground and my primroses are starting to bloom.  When I saw this lovely pattern I immediately thought, ‘Oh, Spring is really coming!”  It’s on the EMS cross-stitch site, and the PDF is here.   And while you are there you may want to get January, February, and March as well.

EMS2010_February_02EMS2010_January_01 EMS2010_March_03

DMC also has a neat Primrose chart here.  You must establish a username and password but then you have access to all of their free charts. Primrose

Have a wonderful weekend!