Seashore Motifs

I like to save things like this for future reference when I’m looking for just the right bit of extra to add to a stitchery, so I want to share this find with you too.

They call it Marine Motives and it comes from CoatsCrafts of Poland.

sea side motif

The links to the two different charts that make up the stitchery are here and here.  I love the colors they’ve used and they are listed at the bottom of the second chart.

Have fun with them.  I plan to.


Vegetables Anyone?

If you’d like some good examples of vegetables to add to a stitchery, Coatscrafts of Poland has this wonderful chart full of  them.


You can sew all of them or pick and choose which ones would complement the stitchery you are doing.  The details are quite good.

Go here for the chart and key.

Enjoy and have a good weekend!