Can I Help to Water?

You may have seen this on Pinterest at some time but may have not had the path to where it was posted.  The site use to be called Italian Magic Moments I believe, but Blog di Gloria, as it is now, shares her sweet design of this little bird sitting on the watering can.  It’s only 33 X 35 stitches.

watering can

The link to the PDF is located just under the image. Have fun with it and hope you have a good week too.



I’m Still Around

Hello everyone,

Thanks for stopping by.  I am currently working on ‘My Secret Garden‘ by Lizzie Kate.  I’m not posting right now so if you want to see some of the patterns I’ve posted in the past I’m sharing them over on my Cross Stitch Pinterest account.  It looks like the image below.  Many entries there include the links to the web site that holds the pattern.  I will add new ones as I find them.  Hope this helps.

Have a great week.



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