Christmas Tree

Lesley Teare reminded us this week not to forget that there are free Christmas designs on her blog.

Here is one.


She has a Christmas Angel here, a Woodland Owl here, or how about a beautiful Christmas wreath, here? There are others so go take a look through Lesley’s blog.

Have a warm weekend!




We are seeing chrysanthemums being sold everywhere now, and what better way to announce the coming of fall this week. If you’d like to sew it up for a lovely fall card, you can find it on the sewandso uk web site as a freebie by going here.


It’s a Lesley Teare design.

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My honeysuckle has been particularly beautiful and fragrant this year.  We have it by our back gate entrance and it smells so good when entering.


Lesley Teare created this lovely honeysuckle freebie that you can find on her blog.

LT honeysuckle

It was posted on May 14th.  Just go here to get her free PDF.

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Winter Pansy

How many times have you seen this Winter Pansy from Lesley Teare and thought how you’d like to sew it up?  I’d like to encourage you to go ahead.  It doesn’t take long to stitch, and you’ll be glad you did.  I turned mine into a card to send to a lovely lady who was handing out 4-inch pots of primroses the other day.

winter pansy    primrose

To get the pattern and the key just follow the link above.

Thanks Lesley!


Edelweiss from Lesley Teare

Lesley Teare offers this lovely little flower as a freebie here.  I think her version is even prettier than the actual flower, so pretty that I couldn’t resist starting it right away.  It only took an evening plus to do it.  Hope you like it as much as I did.

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Edelweiss from Lesley Teare

Hope you are having some time off and have time to get in a little cross stitch.

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