Glory Bee Summer

Here in the Pacific Northwest we are having a bit of a heat wave, very unusual for our month of June. Seattle hit 93 degrees Sunday, breaking the 92-degree record for hottest June 5 th set in 1978.  This is a far cry from when we moved here in 1973 on June 2nd. I swear it rained the whole month of June and I thought we’d made the biggest mistake of our lives moving here. I’ve gotten use to the “Seattle rains” now, or as my father-in-law use to say, “It’s the only place I’ve lived where it rains all day and the sidewalk stays dry.”

There are great ways to use this chart. On 28 count fabric, it turns out to be 6 3/4 by 2 1/2 inches. You can find it on the Glory Bee site.  Just look for the “Free Design Here” button for the PDF.


Here is how Gingham Stitcher worked it up.

Have a great week everyone!








If you would like to stitch a Liberty flag, here are links to a couple of them.

The first is to from Weeks Dye Works and SamSarahDesignStudio. Just scroll down the freebies page until you see the Liberty chart.  When sewn, it looks like this.


The second one is from Glory Bee and looks a lot like this.


I hope your Memorial Day is full of appreciation for the Liberty we have, and honoring those who’ve made it possible.