Fairy Doorway

I love this Fairy Doorway from Cross-stitching.com. It will make a great card.  You must be a member to download the chart but the membership is free.

Once you log in the link to the PDF is just below the image.  Have fun with it.

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Cake Card

Sometimes you just need a little something to use on a card to cheer someone up and this design from cross-stitching.com just fills the bill.


You will need to have an account to download the chart but it’s free and easy.  Just follow the link to set up your own account.  In the future, you will have access to all of their free charts.

Have a great week, and thanks for stopping by!


Garden Basket

Now that gardening is in full swing, why not make this darling card from Cross-Stitching.com

garden basket

You won’t be able to get this chart without an account, but it’s free and easy to set one up.  They offer lots of fun charts as free downloads.

UPDATE:  If you set up your own account and don’t want to hunt through all of the available charts in order to find this one, follow theses steps.  Once your account has been logged into simply come back to this site and click on the link or the image and you will be taken to this specific chart.

Enjoy and have a great week!