I’m Still Around

Hello everyone,

Thanks for stopping by.  I am currently working on ‘My Secret Garden‘ by Lizzie Kate.  I’m not posting right now so if you want to see some of the patterns I’ve posted in the past I’m sharing them over on my Cross Stitch Pinterest account.  It looks like the image below.  Many entries there include the links to the web site that holds the pattern.  I will add new ones as I find them.  Hope this helps.

Have a great week.



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Here are a couple of sites that offer these very cute Flipflop’s cross stitch patterns.

One is the DMC version.  DMCflipflops

The other is Sullivans.  sullivansflipflops

Once you go to the Sullivans site, just click on the image of the flipflops and and it downloads a zip file that has a pdf product sheet inside that contains the pattern.  Both patterns are just too cute to pass up.  Have fun stitching them and giving to someone you love.


Souvenir of Paris

SouvenirDeFrance_byBarb_2Sometimes I find what I think to be pretty neat stuff so I just have to document it at that very moment or I may never find it again.  Such is the case of this site called Community Blog for Stitchers who Love Blackbird Designs, and this pdf.  I thought I will never be able to remember where I put it so put it here.  It is one of those things that came from someone who got it from someone.  Hope you enjoy it and have fun stitching.


I’m Late

Usually I have a post done by now but we had dinner guests tonight and had such a lovely time with them that the evening continued on, and then the dishes…you know.  SO  I found this Quaker Tree pattern I thought I’d share with you.  I found it on a web site called ‘The Workbasket’ in their Free Charts.  You can go there to get the pdf for just this one or all three.  Thanks for stopping by.


Another Fine Freebie

frenchbanner Here is a nice freebie from ‘Des Filles et une Aiguille‘, a French web site that translated means something like ‘Girls and a   Needle’.  While you are there you might want to check out some of their tutorials.  Even though they are in French, the illustrations almost don’t need words, and if you do need clarification, you can copy and past into Google Translate which will automatically detect the language and convert it to the language you choose.

Thanks for stopping by,