Retro Bicycle

Remember this post from April 2, 2013? It is my most viewed post of record.


Hop on over to Rudy Lisky’s blog and see her finish!  It turned out so beautifully and she sent me the link to her finished gift.

Thanks for sharing Rudy.  What a lucky baby to have you for an Aunty!



Adjusting Our Sails

This season of children returning to school has brought a lot of changes to many households, including our own with our first grandchild moving into the bigger arena of higher education.  It’s a big adjustment to her immediate family since she is the oldest of their three and their family dynamics has changed.  It’s nothing millions of families haven’t gone through prior to them, but all the same, it takes some adjusting.

This is a stitchery from Dimensions, that I worked up for my sister as a special request.  You’ve probably seen it before, and the verse is so true. The clouds were made by using the same color of floss but their depth and shading accomplished by using 2 different stitches, with single-thread and double-thread half-stitches, along with the traditional cross stitch. It can be found at She found the perfect frame for it.

adjusting our sails


Hope your Labor Day, Monday is special by spending time with those you love.

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