Bonsai Trees – Coats of Spain

Every now and then one needs something a little different than what they generally stitch, so here from Coatscraft of Spain come a lovely assortment of Bonsai Trees.



Any of these trees will be a pleasure to sew but there are other little designs on this chart that can be incorporated into a fine stitchery.

Thanks for stopping by.  Please come again.





4 thoughts on “Bonsai Trees – Coats of Spain

  1. I really like the whole chart, other than the pruning tools, which just aren’t very attractive to me. I could see repeating the motif on the other side in that panel, though, maybe varying the colors in the teapot’s pattern.

  2. The pruning shears are a little different than the style we use and I agree with you in repeating the motif. Overall, many useful ideas. Thanks for your comment Maia.

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