Beautiful Heart

Are you ready to do a beautiful heart?  This comes from Isa A.  It is a mixture of cross stitch and blackwork.

french heart

To get to the PDF after clicking on the link above, look for the words, “La fiche est par ici”, or translated, “The form is here.” She has many lovely works so stop and look around while you are there.

Have a great weekend.



Winter Pansy

How many times have you seen this Winter Pansy from Lesley Teare and thought how you’d like to sew it up?  I’d like to encourage you to go ahead.  It doesn’t take long to stitch, and you’ll be glad you did.  I turned mine into a card to send to a lovely lady who was handing out 4-inch pots of primroses the other day.

winter pansy    primrose

To get the pattern and the key just follow the link above.

Thanks Lesley!


Sheep and Moon

Reve de Fil designed this sweet winter scene of a cold winter moon rising, snow on the ground, smoke curling from the chimney, and two  sheep looking up as if they suddenly heard something.  It will make such a sweet pillow.  Just go here and scroll down until you see Sheep and moon here or there.” for the free PDF, and make one for yourself.

sheep and moon

Have a great week!


Mountain Heart

If you like red-work like I do, then you’ll enjoy this free offering from Elkalin.  I found it by looking under Catégories, Free Grids to the right of the blog page, and it was the first one that came up.

heart mountain

Click on image to go directly to the fee grid.

It’s in French but the link is right under the image like you see above. I don’t know how long it will be there so go get it while you can.

Have a wonderful week.


Note: I just noticed that it says this free chart will be available until Thursday, January 14.


This one I found on a French site called Orbis Pictura. I love winter berries and these have snow on them. I made the mistake though of stitching on white and if I do it again I will definitely do it on a contrasting color. It’s a great pattern though so if you are in the mood to do a small winter stitchery this one just might fit the bill.

snow berries 1  snow berries

snow berries 3

snow berries 2

Have a great weekend!