Last year, 2014, tresors of France offered a chart for each day of the advent calendar.

Advent Dec 1

They are so lovely that I decided to stitch the first one up this weekend.  It was so fun sewing it and so I want to share the link to the web site where the charts are held.  I saved all of them off last year for my own use so I have the black and white versions as well as the DMC colors used for each. Unfortunately, right now her website has code showing instead of the actual link.  They do have the color pattern for you to see and I think you can easily make them for yourself by using the colored charts.

Here is mine.

 Stitched on 28 count Evenweave

Size is 4 inches by 4 inches DMC 349

Go see the rest of them and see if you wouldn’t want to do a couple, or all for yourself.

Thanks for stopping by.



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