11 thoughts on “retrobicycle

  1. Hello Monica,
    This is an old post from back in 2013, and like you probably did, I followed the link only to discover that the original post is no longer active on their web site. You have a couple of choices; you can right click on my image of the chart and save it to your PC. The quality isn’t great but I think that you can still decipher the symbols well enough to work this pattern. Your second choice it to get a copy of the back issue of the magazine by downloading it to your IPad if you own one. You can do this by going to the App Store, search for Cross Stitcher Magazine. They have lots of back issues including this one that you like. It is Issue 262, February 2013. Best of luck with whatever you decide to do. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Hello Sufaira,
    I hope you see the comments to Monica about this pattern from 2013. If you can download it and work it I’d love to see your finished work.

  3. Thank you for this info!! I would love to make this for my oldest daughter!! She loves riding her bike!!!

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